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This week opent the International Tourism Fair that takes place every year in Madrid.  It’s a display of different countries and companies related with tourism that present offerts to attract visitors.

If you have the oportunity to visit it, it will be like a walk around the world where you can enjoy of typical dances, tasting of gastronomic products, pictures of monuments or wonderful natural parks, etc. without moving from the exhibition site. You won’t have enough time to see everything and your feet will feel like you have really gone around the globe.

At Euskadi stand they know that the best lure is gastronomy, but on the table there are i-pads instead of plates , showing different tourist websites. This year Vitoria is “Green Capital 2012″ and you will see the several promotional activities they have organised.

Have a look to the pictures and go over there this weekend:

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We have the pleasure to introduce a new collaborator of, Ameztigain Sagardotegia, where you can enjoy the new cider season.

Located in a wonferful place of Guipuzcoa coastline, Ameztigain Sagardotegia represent an ideal space to enjoy good food and excellent cider in Zarautz. The ciderhouse is placed in Zarautz campsite and it has excellent facilities.There are two dining rooms and a terrace with swings, where children can have fun. Surronded by nature, every moment is special in this ciderhouse. They have a varied menu, beside the typical ciderhouse one, you can find starters, main courses, small plates, sandwiches, hamburgers, desserts,etc.

So we invite you to come and enjoy their services.


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Good morning:

Yesterday it started the new cider-season.

Here you have a link that can interest you:




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Vicomtech-IK4 has created a new tool  to visit touristic places. But the “personal” guide is more familiar ans easy to reach.

Have a look to this link:


No Comments gives you the oportunity to learn how to surf. So we count on Zarauzko Surf Elkartea, a non-profit surf school, created in 1988, which has as  objective to teach and promote surfing.

The school is located at Zarautz(Guipúzcoa) maritime promenade, where several international surfers were born, famous for its beach, gastronomy and its inhabitants. Village where every beginning of September takes place a trial of WQS professional race.

It has some packs to start practising this sport, but if they don’t suit you you can receive private lessons, full availability and open to any proposal. With new premises, its equipment is excellent: special room to watch videos or read surf magazines, big changing rooms and hot showers, Rip Curl material for the trainees, etc. Beside nearby there is a skate-park and volleyball pitch if you want more activites after practising surf. To guarantee security and better learning, surf lessons are taught by graduated instructors, with knowledge of maritime rescue and a lot of experience. Beside it has an insurance for all the trainees.

If you are looking for a different activity, don’t doubt to contact us. We organise surf lessons, make contact with the sea and live an unforgettable experience!

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Euskadi opens a new Tourist Office for the XXI century.

You can read morer in the following link:


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José María Rosado from SIDRERÍA ASADOR MENDIOLA, show us how to cut properly and quickly a T-bone steak, to eat it later. And this way it goes from the grill to the heated stone served in our table, so the customer can eat it as he likes.

Can anyone beat our chef? It’s not a contest, it’s just a way to show how this restaurant treat this food like the T-bone steak. WE INVITE YOU TO TASTE IT.

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Hello everybody have a look to this  link:



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After two years of a dead stop Billabong Mundaka Challenge 2012, the most international wave of our land, one of the best “left” of the world, will be a piece of news.The event will meet six european and six internationals, specialist in tubes, with six surfers from the Basque Country, two chosen by Mundaka Surf Club. They will compete in a different new format where six surfers will challenge for one hour. An unique sportive event that you shouldn’t miss! But we should visit the town of Mundaka thoroughly. Mundaka with Ajangiz, Arratzu, Bermeo, Busturia, Ea, Elantxobe, Ereño, Errigoiti, Forua, Gautegiz-Arteaga, Gernika-Lumo, Ibarrangelu, Kortezubi, Mendata, Morga, Murueta, Muxika, Nabarniz y Sukarrieta, is part of  Busturialdea region, where is located Urdaibai Natural Biosphere Reserve. This place has become one of the most visited tourist destinations of Vizcaya, due to the varied cultural offer and of nature that mix in it. Oma painted Forest, Santimamiñe Caves, San Juan Gaztelugatxe,  Matxitxako Cape, the Reserve, Laida and Laga beaches,etc. are some of the most representatives places. But it doens’t end here, DO YOU WANT TO DISCOVER MORE?